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Generac 8-22KW Cold WTHR Kit


Product Description

8-22 KW, Cold Weather Kit, 8-22 KW Generac Automatic Standby Generators, Recommended For Generators Installed In Regions Where The Temperature Regularly Falls Below 32 Degrees Fahrenheit, When The Temperature Falls Below An Acceptable Level, The Thermostat Activates The Oil Heater & Battery Warmer In Order To Maintain Optimum Battery Temperature, It Is Required That The Included Filter Replaces The Existing Filter & That The Oil Is Changed To A5W-30 Synthetic For Better Engine Start Capability, Includes Wire Harness, A Battery Warmer & Crankcase Warmer Applicable To All Air Cooled Products, Voltage 240, Pad Wattage/Amps 50W, .21A, Oil Filter Blanket 40W,17A, Refer To The Generator Owner's Manual For Specific Maintenance Information.