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  • Husqvarna S1600 Wood Splitting Axe 23"

Husqvarna S1600 Wood Splitting Axe 23"


Product Description

  • Husqvarna 580761301
  • Splitting axe made for splitting firewood logs.
  • The axe head has a non-stick coating which gives less friction and easy entry into the wood and the head geometry is adapted to the application of splitting medium- sized logs.
  • Handle protection and long life due to the stainless steel shaft protection.
  • Balance point close to the axe head gives perfect balance and weight distribution.
  • The combination of the optimized axe head and the light shaft concentrates the power into the cut which gives an easier split of the logs.
  • Fiber-reinforced PA shaft makes the axe durable and robust.
  • Hammer function for an easy and effective use of splitting wedges (no steel wedges).