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  • Husqvarna ST111 136cc 21" Single Stage Snow Thrower 961830002

Husqvarna ST111 136cc 21" Single Stage Snow Thrower 961830002

Homeowner Warranty
3 Year Limited


Product Description

Husqvarna ST111 136cc 21" Single Stage Snow Thrower 961830002


The Husqvarna ST 111 Snow Blower is an efficient single stage machine with an efficient 136cc engine that’s tailor-made to clear small residential areas of snow; whether clearing the yard or the driveway, this blower makes short work of a dull chore.


Winter wonderlands might look great on the screen and in postcards, but when it comes to real life, most of us dread the annual chore of clearing the driveway and even sidewalk outside our homes for weeks on end.


Thankfully, we’ve moved on from the bad old days of shoveling, and with a powerful machine like the Husqvarna ST 111 snow thrower, a once backbreaking chore is now a quick and easy job.


This compact, 95 pound machine can handle up to 8 inches of snow without issue, and it’s easy to maneuver around tight spots. The ergonomic and adjustable handles are easy to grip, and combined with the rubber auger, you’ll glide over hard surfaces with ease.


 The single-stage system is highly efficient, crushing the snow and spitting it out in an angle of your choice. Combined with a scraper skirt for even cleaner ground-cleaning, this snow blower makes light work of clearing snow.


Homeowners will love that the compact, lightweight design is easy to store when not in use, with a quick release folding handle adding to the ease of storage and transportation. Overall, this is a solid machine for homeowners who want to make snow clearing child’s play.


Order the Husqvarna ST 111 snow blower today from E&E Sales of Medford, South Jersey!



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Compact design

The overall compact design makes this machine very comfortable and easy to use and store.

Efficient rubber auger

The rubber auger works both efficient and merciful on all type of hard surfaces and the auger speed makes the snow thrower almost self-driven.

Single-stage system

The auger screw efficiently feeds the snow into the machine and then throws it out through the chute.

Adjustable deflector

For controlling the vertical throwing direction. 



Fuel tank volume (with reserve) 0.37 gal (US)

Horsepower 4.51 hp

Engine manufacturer LCT

Net power at preset rpm Energy 4 kW 

Cylinder displacement 8.3 cu.inch  


Working width 21 in

Gross Torque 7.1 lb-ft

Snow depth, max 20 cm 


Transmission type Auger drive