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  • Husqvarna ST224P 208cc 24" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930122

Husqvarna ST224P 208cc 24" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930122

Homeowner Warranty
5 Year Limited Auger Gearbox / 3 Year Limited Other Non-Expendable Components


Product Description

Husqvarna ST224P 208cc 24" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930122


The gas-powered, two-stage Husqvarna ST 224P Snow Thrower can tackle even the toughest of winter snows, and a homeowner favorite for it.


As a kid, snow represents snowball fights and a magical winter wonderland. As an adult, it represents having to clear paths and driveways half-asleep just to get to work as your fingers slowly freeze.


Although snow is unavoidable at some times of the year, the Husqvarna ST 224P Snow Thrower has been designed to take as much misery and pain out of this chore as possible, thanks to its thoughtful design, robust clearance and multiple features that all add up into a snow thrower that homeowners love.


Designed to handle snow between 2 and 12 inches, the 208cc engine offers an easy electric start. The two-stage snow blower also offers improved ribbon augers, which add air to dense snow for easier clearance when thrown free.


Operators will enjoy the comfort that this machine offers: not only are the handle grips heated to keep your fingers warm in freezing weather, the loop handle offers optimum grip and control over the direction you want to push the ST 224P in. The LED headlights are another fantastic touch, adding in visibility in poor conditions—and a quiet muffler ensures that neighbors won’t be disturbed if the machine is operated in the early hours.


Cost-effective and efficient, this is the perfect snow blower for homeowners. Order the Husqvarna 224P Snow Thrower today from E&E Sales of Medford, South Jersey!


  • Husqvarna 961930122
  • Husqvarna ST 224 has been developed for homeowners who need a high-performing snow blower to clear snow from large garage driveways and paths.
  • It works regardless of surface type thanks to the adjustable skid shoes.
  • Husqvarna ST 224 has been designed for occasional use in all snow conditions.
  • It has an efficient two-stage system with high throwing capacity.
  • The handle has adjustable height for comfortable use.
  • Friction-disc transmission ensures smooth operation.
  • Features heated handle grips, LED headlights and electric starter for work in all weather conditions.
  • Product Features
  • Working Width - 21 inch
  • Cylinder Displacement - 208 cm³
  • Transmission Type - Friction Disc
  • Blower Type - Two-stage
  • Two-stage System
  • Handle Height Adjustment
  • Power Steering


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