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  • Husqvarna ST230P 291cc 30" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930101
  • Husqvarna ST230P 291cc 30" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930101
  • Husqvarna ST230P 291cc 30" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930101

Husqvarna ST230P 291cc 30" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930101

Homeowner Warranty
5 Year Limited Auger Gearbox / 3 Year Limited Other Non-Expendable Components


Product Description

Husqvarna ST230P 291cc 30" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930101


The Husqvarna ST 230P snow thrower is bigger and better than all its rivals, boasting a 30 inch clearing width down to a depth of 11 inches, making it a top choice for homeowners with larger driveways and paths to clear in the winter.


Some winters seem to bring in endless amounts of snow, and clearing it out in the dark daily just so you can get your car off the driveway into work gets old, fast. If you’re seeking a snow thrower that can crush the snow effortlessly, then the Husqvarna ST 230P snow blower should be near the top of your shortlist.


There’s no denying that this is a beast: the two-stage blower is efficient, and the high throwing capacity will fling snow far away as you clear the driveway. The electric start engine starts up effortlessly, and you’ll have a choice of 6 gears going forward and one back for easy maneuverability. Combined with power steering, operators will have no problem clearing snow.


Operators will also enjoy the heated handle grips, offering extra warmth against the biting cold. The handlebars are looped and adjustable, allowing you to find a comfortable grip and maintain it. A nice extra touch is the LED headlights, which allow you to see where you’re going in dark or other low-visibility conditions.


The Husqvarna ST 230P Snow Thrower is the ideal machine for homeowners tired of shoveling their driveways free of snow in winter—and comes with thoughtful features

As pretty as snow looks, it becomes a nuisance, sometimes even dangerous on garage driveways and paths. Shoveling tons of snow daily is a cold and exhausting job that takes time—and Husqvarna’s ST 230P Snow Thrower is the perfect antidote.


With its adjustable skid shoes, it works on all surface types, and offers a high performance in snow depths between 10 and 30 centimeters. The two-stage system used here offers high throwing capacity, discharging the snow far away. The friction disc transmission is easily changed on the handles, allowing operators to quickly switch between speeds according to need.


The ST 230P also offers some nice touches of convenience for users, starting with power steering to assist in completing this chore faster. Combined with LED headlights for use in dark conditions, this is great for those early morning pre-commute clearances.


The manufacturer has also included heated handle grips to the adjustable handle, keeping fingers toasty warm in even the chilliest of conditions. The handle is also fully height adjustable, while the controller console is placed within easy reach.


Combined with the quiet a quick, one-click electric starter and a quiet muffler, the Husqvarna ST 230P Snow Thrower isn’t just an efficient thrower, it also provides a comfortable experience far removed from the bad old days of shoveling.


Order the Husqvarna ST 230P Snow Thrower today from E&E Sales of Medford, South Jersey!



The Husqvarna ST 224 Snow Thrower offers stellar performance on uneven terrain, while its two-stage machine blasts snow out of the way fast, making it a great choice for homeowners



Clearing snow from your driveways and paths has always been a dreaded, yet unavoidable winter chore. It’s cold, dark and backbreaking work leaving you exhausted before the day has even begun—but that all changes with the feature-packed Husqvarna ST 224 Snow Thrower.


If you detest the cold fingers that often accompany snow-clearing, then you will love that the ST 224’s looped handle offers heating, keeping your digits toasty as the two-stage machine churns and spits out snow. With a gas-powered, electric start engine, you can get to work in seconds, minimizing your time out in the cold—and you can work in the dark and low light conditions too, thanks to the strong LED headlights.


Maneuvering the ST 224 is a smooth operation, even on rough terrain with obstacles, thanks to its heavy-tread, anti-skid tires, adjustable skid shoes and multi-speed friction disc transmission.


It makes short work of snow thanks to a ribbon auger which mixes air into snow, making it lighter and easier to handle, increasing the snow clearing for a speedier, more efficient; the Husqvarna ST 224 can handle up to 30 centimeters of snow. 


This is a powerful snow blower with a ton of ergonomic touches that make snow clearing child’s play. Enjoy clearing snow faster and order the Husqvarna ST 230P snow blower today from E&E Sales of Medford, South Jersey!



  • Husqvarna 961930101
  • Husqvarna ST 230P has been developed for homeowners who need a high-performing snow thrower to clear snow from large garage driveways and paths.
  • It works regardless of surface type thanks to the adjustable skid shoes.
  • Husqvarna ST 230P has been designed for occasional use in all snow conditions, 10-30 cm.
  • It has an efficient two-stage system with high throwing capacity.
  • The handle has adjustable height for comfortable use.
  • Friction-disc transmission, power steering and extra large tires ensure smooth operation.
  • Features heated handle grips, LED headlights and electric starter for work in all weather conditions.

Product Features:

  • Working Width - 30 inch
  • Cylinder Displacement - 291 cm³
  • Transmission Type - Friction Disc
  • Blower Type - Two-stage
  • Two-Stage System
  • Handle Height Adjustment
  • Friction Disc Transmission
  • Power Steering


Buy the HUSQVARNA ST 230P Snow Thrower for Homeowners - Medford NJ & South Jersey