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  • Husqvarna ST324P 291cc 24" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930091

Husqvarna ST324P 291cc 24" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930091

Homeowner Warranty
5 Year Limited Auger Gearbox / 3 Year Limited Other Non-Expendable Components


Product Description

Husqvarna ST324P 291cc 24" Two Stage Snow Thrower 961930091


For landowners, a reliable, heavy-duty snow blower that can tackle large areas with ease is a vital winter tool—and Husqvarna’s ST 324P model has been designed from the ground up as the solution.


Clearing large areas of land of snow can be a chore—or it can be a pleasure. For the latter option, there’s no finer choice of snow thrower than Husqvarna’s new ST 324P model, designed to tackle the rigors of snow clearing up to an incredible 24 inches.


The heavy-duty nature of this beast is evident throughout the design, which utilizes heavy components for maximum durability and results. No matter what the weather conditions, the ST 324P and operator can soldier on effortlessly.


Operators will enjoy the heated handle grips and quick-start electric motor. All controls are within easy access, including a convenient power steering trigger to keep on track, and LED headlights to see in low light conditions. The hydrostatic drive system offers optimum control while also making driving the snow thrower with ease.


The auger housing was designed to tackle high snow levels, and the teeth offer sturdy, efficient operation for quick snow clearing. The two-stage system can be further optimized with a deflector extension, giving the operator full control of how far and where the snow is thrown.


Added drift cutters are an ergonomic touch that allow you to direct deep snow into the augur while cutting drifts in front of the snow blower—this useful feature lets the snow simply “drop in”, negating the need to go over the same area twice.


This is a superlative snow thrower that makes short work of large areas. Order the Husqvarna ST 324P snow blower today from E&E Sales of Medford, South Jersey!

  • Husqvarna 961930091
  • Husqvarna ST 324P has been developed for landowners who need a high-capacity, robust and durable snow thrower that comfortably clears large areas.
  • It has been designed for frequent use in all snow conditions, 6-24 in.
  • The two-stage system, hydrostatic transmission and power steering ensure easy operation.
  • Throughout, it has heavy-duty components for maximum durability in all conditions, such as its robust auger housing, cast iron auger gear box and cast iron impeller.
  • Features heated handle grips, LED headlight and electric starter for work in all weather conditions.
  • Product Features
  • Working Width - 24 inch
  • Cylinder Displacement - 254 cm³
  • Transmission Type - Hydrostatic
  • Blower Type - Two-stage
  • Two-stage System
  • Power Steering
  • Heavy-duty Auger Housing


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Heavy Duty Husqvarna ST 324P, 24 Inch Snow Blower - South Jersey & Medford NJ